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Mrs. Deborah Shanks, Reading Teacher and Academic Advisor

Resident STAR Artist Activity in the Classroom

David Walsh joins Mrs. Shank’s Reading class and illustrates stories.

On February 5, 2021, in Comprehension Imagery classes, all eyes were glued to the front of the room where Eagle Hill School’s resident STAR artist, David Walsh, visually illustrated what was “in his mind’s eye” of Mona Gardner’s short story, “The Dinner Party.”  While the story was read out loud (verbalized), Mr. Walsh sketched and revised his illustrations (visualized) as the story unfolded. Walsh’s images helped solidify strategies that the students’ have been working on in order to bring a picture of text in their own mind’s eye to assist with comprehension. 

As a culminating activity, students verbalized an image from an earlier class while Mr. Walsh sketched, using their words to guide him. All were excited to see that the image was not only retained in their mind’s eye but the details the students articulated brought forth a close rendition of the original image.

The students are looking forward to having Mr. Walsh join the class in the near future for another project.

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