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Pioneers celebrate the Spring sports season with a new championship and a league Player of the Year award!

In a standout accomplishment, Teddy H. ’26 secured the title of 2024 SENE Varsity Golf “Player of the Year,” a well-deserved recognition for his exceptional performance throughout the season. At the SENE tournament, he shot one under par 70, winning by eight strokes. 

In addition, Sam J. ’24 was named 2024 SENE Boys’ Varsity Ultimate “Player of the Year.” On the sideline, his calm demeanor helped balance the team, and most importantly, Sam's knowledge of, and belief in, and adherence to the Spirit of the Game made him a role model for his teammates and as a representative for the team.

As a freshman, Cole C. ’27 assumed the role of co-captain and brought consistent focus and determined leadership to the lacrosse team.  His 48 total goals over the course of the 12-game season and 8 hat tricks led him to be named 2024 SENE Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse “Player of the Year.”

These outstanding athletes and their award recognitions mark just one chapter in the story of athletic success at Eagle Hill during the spring 2024 sports season. We extend our gratitude to everyone who worked so diligently this season to further enhance the Eagle Hill athletic program.

Congratulations to Teddy, Sam and Cole for their remarkable accolades and congratulations to all our spring athletes on a great season!


Golf Varsity 

Coach: Andrew Ward and Jeff Myra 

The Pioneers added seven new players to the six returning from last year, aiming to regain the SENE title from CATS Academy in Boston. Led by Teddy H. ’26, the varsity squad often took commanding leads in matches, thanks to his exceptional play. Teddy only lost one match to Rectory’s top player, and he set a school record for the lowest average round, with an average score of 36.0. 

Though the Pioneers outperformed most SENE teams, CATS Academy remained a tough competitor, defeating them at home in the 2024 SENE Golf Tournament. The returning Varsity players and the JV players showed promise for the future. 


Outstanding Team Contributor: Teddy H. ’26

The Coaches’ Award: Hudson R. ’24

Most Improved Golfer: Ben S. ’27

Team Roster:

Carter C. ’26

Dominick C. ’26

Teddy H. ’26

Myles H. ’27

Kate H. ’24 

Brady H. ’27

Teddy K. ’25

Michael M. ’27

Nicolas M.’ 6

Hudson R. ’24

Benjamin S. ’27

Julia S. ’25

Aiden W. ’28

Jackson W. ’26

Ultimate Frisbee Varsity 

Coaches: Jed Geary and Cody Bliss

In an impressive display of skill and determination, the Eagle Hill Varsity Ultimate team won the 2024 SENE Ultimate Championship during family weekend. Before the event, EHS faced Dublin School, who secured an 8-6 victory. This loss challenged the team’s morale and teamwork, prompting them to rethink their strategies before competing in the championship.In addition, Sam J. ’24 was named 2024 SENE Boys’ Varsity Ultimate Co-player of the Year.

Approaching Family Weekend, the team was eager yet anxious about their upcoming games. In the first round, they faced McDuffie, resulting in an 11-3 victory. The next challenge was the championship against Dublin School, who had beaten them earlier that week. Despite being down three to two, EHS made an impressive comeback by scoring eight goals in a row, winning 11-3, and being crowned the Champions.

Go No Horns!


Rookie of the Year: Jeremy S. ’25

Outstanding Team Contributor: Sam J. ’24

The Coaches’ Award: Reese C. ’25

Most Improved Player Award: Jack M. ’25

Spirit Award: Otto M. ’24

Team Roster:

Joshua B. ’24

Reese C. ’25

Benjamin E. ’27

Leo E. ’27

Liam F. ’24

Thomas F. ’26

Ethan H. ’25

Liam H. ’24

Sam J. ’24

Heidi K. ’26

Eli K. ’25

Xavier K. ’26

Jack M. ’25

Otto M. ’24

Oliver M. ’25

Victoria N. ’24

Henry R. ’25

Jeremy S. ’25

Noah S.’25

Ultimate Frisbee JV

Coaches: Cody Bliss and Jed Geary 

The JV Ultimate team played six matches this season, which provided opportunities for growth and learning. The team consistently met challenges head-on, showcasing notable progress. James B. ’25 was recognized as the Outstanding Team Contributor for his dedication and collaborative spirit, while Gabby L. ’26 received the Rookie of the Year award for her impressive debut and rapid skill advancement. Krew D. ’26 was honored with the Coaches Award, acknowledging his significant influence and leadership on the team.

With a skilled and dedicated young lineup, the team is eager to compete again and aim for an even better performance next year.


Outstanding Team Contributor: James B. ’25

Rookie of the Year: Gabby L. ’26

The Coaches’ Award: Krew D. ’26

Team Roster:

James B. ’25

Donato C. ’28

Zachary D. ’26

Krew D. ’26

Miles J. ’27

Liam J. ’27

Morgan L. ’25

Gabrielle L. ’26

Luke M. ’27

Evan M. ’26

Alexander M.’26

Zoe M ’27

Paul O. ’29

Hugh S. ’26

Leo S. ’25

Eitan W. ’24


Spring Rowing – Varsity 

Coach: Molly Gray 

Assistant Coaches: Wendy McFaul and Becky Miller 

Despite challenges from weather and injuries, the crew team had a solid spring season with sixteen rowers across three boats. The crew secured three first-place finishes in the boys’ novice category at Marianapolis, boys’ varsity, and boys’ single events on Family Weekend. Additionally, they earned four second-place positions in the boys’ varsity race at Marianapolis, as well as the girls’ double, mixed four, and novice boys’ events on Family Weekend. A notable achievement this season was setting seven personal records during the final 2k race. With just two departing seniors, the team is set for the future and eagerly awaits the fall season ahead.


Outstanding Team Contributor: Bri W. ’25

The Coaches’ Award: Asher W. ’25

Most Improved Player Award: Brady J. ’27

Lifesaver Award: Bea D. ’25

Novice Award: Charlie K. ’26

Team Roster:

Bea D. ’25

Asher I. ’27

Brady J. ’27

Courtland J. ’25

Charles K. ’26

Lexi M. ’25

Hudson M. ’25

Martin O. ’26

James P. ’28

Alec S. ’24

Samuel S. ’24

Reyna S. ’27

Benjamin T. ’27

Myles T. ’28

Asher W. ’25

Brianna W. ’25

Varsity Tennis 

Coach: Cindy Coughlin

Assistant Coach: Chuck Crossan

The Varsity Tennis Team, comprising six freshmen and four seniors, showcased their talent this season through a series of competitive matches. Despite the team’s youthful makeup, they clinched victories in three out of seven matches, laying the groundwork for next seasons.

At the SENE Tournament in Rhode Island, six team members eagerly faced off against tough opponents in a double-elimination format, providing ample opportunities for each player to shine.

Mikaela C. ’24 stood out with her skillful play, participating in four games and delivering remarkable shots. Despite contending against the #2 seed, Todd R. ’24 displayed resilience, securing three hard-fought games.

In the doubles category, Quincy D. ’24 and Cole F. ’27 demonstrated admirable determination and teamwork despite being eliminated. Meanwhile, Boden S. ’27 and Jack S. ’27 showed grit and skill, narrowly losing in a tiebreaker.

Their performance signals a promising future for the team, filled with excitement and growth.


Outstanding Team Contributor: Maddie E. ’24 and Mikaela C. ’24

The Coaches’ Award: Boden S. ’27 and Lauren C. ’27 

Team Roster:

Laruen C. ’27

Mikaela C. ’24

Quincy D. ’24

Madeline E. ’24

Cole F. ’27

Todd R. ’24

Boden S. ’27

Jack S. ’27

Sorelle W. ’27

JV Tennis 

Coach: Brittany Horne 

The JV Tennis team wrapped up their season with an impressive display of skill and perseverance, participating in three matches and securing one victory. Each student exhibited a commendable performance, especially against Valley View School, where all players showcased their abilities in their debut.

A standout moment in the season was when Zach L. ’27 demonstrated remarkable perseverance in his match, enduring a grueling nineteen sets. Despite trailing 3-7 heading into the 11th set, Zach fought back to claim an 8-7 lead. The match intensified, reaching a deadlock at 9-9 after nearly 1.5 hours of intense play. In a sudden death showdown, Zach emerged victorious.

The JV Tennis team’s dedication and talent hold the promise of an exciting future for these athletes.


The Coaches’ Award: Adeline S. ’25 and Kaitlyn P. ’24

Most Improved Player Award: Olivia F. ’27

Team Roster:

Joseph D. ’27

Olivia F. ’27

David F. ’26

Emilia G. ’24

Zachary L. ’27

Kaitlyn P. ’24

Adeline S. ’25

Varsity Boys Lacrosse 

Coach: Claudio Santoro 

Assistant Coach: Griffin McDonald 

The varsity lacrosse team performed admirably this season despite a young roster with only four seniors. They demonstrated their potential by winning five out of twelve matches. A standout moment was during Family Weekend when they secured a victory against the rival Dublin School. Cole C. ’24 was also named 2024 SENE Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse “Player of the Year.”

After a hard-fought season and consistently improving in all areas of the game, the team ultimately lost to St. Andrews in the SENE Lacrosse Playoffs. Nonetheless, they remain determined to learn from this experience and strive for excellence in the future. 


Outstanding Team Contributor: Cole C ’27

The Coaches’ Award: Jack R ’24

Most Improved Player Award: Griffin O ’26 and Alex H ’24

Team Roster:

Matteo B. ’27

Yoni B. ’24

Diego B. ’26

Cole C. ’27

Griffin C. ’25

Tyler D. ’26

Mengistu E .’24

Booker E. ’25

Garrett H. ’27

Alex H. ’24

Henry H. ’28

Gordon H. ’26

Angelia L. ’24

Nicholas L. ’25

Griffin O. ’26

Katherine O. ’26

Tobias P. ’26

Jack R. ’24

 Trevor T. ’27

 Andres V. ’27


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