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Purple Week Pledge
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Eagle Hill School Goes Purple

Embracing change and breaking barriers: Eagle Hill School's Purple Week.

The Eagle Hill community recently observed Purple Week, an important initiative aimed to raise awareness about mental health and foster a culture of well-being. Throughout the week, English teacher Jessica Geary and Miranda Lacoste, the director of membership and wellness at Eagle Hill, joined forces to create engaging activities for faculty and students.

These activities encouraged students and faculty to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences, such as rock climbing, a faculty vs. students basketball game (which the faculty won), sip and paint sessions, meditation, Burdenko, yoga, and much more. Multiple activities were offered to students and faculty each day with the aim of introducing new hobbies and fostering healthy habits within the community. Students and faculty also joined the Quabbin School District to listen to a powerful message delivered by Chris Herren, a former NBA player and prominent public speaker Herren shared his journey of battling drug addiction. The initiative raised awareness and broke stigmas surrounding mental health and substance abuse.

"Purple Week is a commitment to oneself and the community, urging us to embrace positivity, cultivate good habits, avoid negativity, and recognize the strength in unity."

At the heart of Purple Week was the distribution of the purple pledge forms. Signing a pledge indicated that you were willing to support and encourage members of the community in their efforts to make positive and healthy life choices. These forms were displayed on the wall at the base of the first-floor STEM stairs, serving as a visual representation of support and care for the community's well-being. Mrs. Geary captured the essence of Purple Week, saying, "Purple Week is a commitment to oneself and the community, urging us to embrace positivity, cultivate good habits, avoid negativity, and recognize the strength in unity."

The impact of Purple Week at Eagle Hill School extends far beyond a single week of activities; it is a catalyst for ongoing dialogue, understanding, and support in addressing mental health issues. Through courageous conversations and meaningful action, Eagle Hill remains a community where everyone feels valued and supported in their wellness journey.



After participating in Purple Week activities at school and making purple pledges to support positive and healthy life choices, members of the Eagle Hill Community are sharing their achievements.

I have logged 68,560 steps this week, which was not my goal, but still pretty good ;). I did one hour of basketball and 1 hour of dancing in addition to just walking this week. JG

I think the climbing wall event, both directly after school during activities and during the club period, went extremely well. We had near record numbers of students come and climb and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity. MR

Loved having Donna lead a yoga course! I would enjoy having her lead more courses on campus, especially with a mix of faculty and students. MG

Thank you so much for offering all these activities! I was able to enjoy Burdenko, Painting, and Meditation. It was such a lovely treat to have these extra things- it really elevated my mood last week. I was happy to learn the moves I did in Burdenko and was able to use them again on Thursday morning in the pool, and humbled by how sore I was! Steph did a great job leading a meditation and I loved the Owl painting led by Kim and Audrey. Having these reminders to do the things I love and benefit from is wonderful. Being able to do them with some of my colleagues only made them better. I appreciate the effort and care everyone put into the community. AQ

I loved the sip and paint activity! AD

Tally Sheet: 55,596 steps in 6 days. JG

Tally Sheet: 30-40 minutes of activity per day; 64, 983 steps in 7 days; 60-80 ml of water intake per day. JA

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