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Jessica Geary, English Teacher

Purple for Wellness Week

Students and staff take a purple pledge during Purple for Wellness Week.

Dignity, friendship, peace, pride, creativity, wisdom, and calm are all associated with the color purple. These are also quintessential components of building a healthy community. There are times when we all need reminders that the emotional battles we might be fighting do not need to make us feel like outcasts in that community. This is especially true, we are finding, during a pandemic. The normal range of emotional experiences has, for many, been amplified during the last year, and we can all benefit from support to handle those waves by making healthy and productive choices.

Purple for Wellness Week is just one way that our students, staff, and faculty can encourage each other to make those choices happen. Inspired by the nationwide work of former NBA star, Chris Herren’s Purple Wellness Project, and in conjunction with many local schools, we are boosting our community awareness of how mental health and substance use are closely connected and highlighting activities on campus from March 1-7. Members of the community will be wearing purple, having discussions about choosing to remain substance-free, doing yoga and meditation, watching movies, eating delicious purple foods, and enjoying the outdoor opportunities provided by the projected sunny forecast for the week.

Be proud, be kind, be Pioneers!

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