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What Can You Say in a Few Words?

In Mrs. Jessica Geary and Dr. Tony McCaffrey’s Writing and Making Studio course, students were posed a thought-provoking question as they began a project - What Can You Say in a Few Words?

In combination with their learning of the online graphic design service Canva, students were asked to think of a meaningful quote in only six words. Once they created their short memoirs and took inspiring photos, each student produced a personal meme (a graphic with text overlayed on top) using the program.

Through online research, the students looked to verify that their quotes were original creations. In this unique project, EHS students demonstrated their proficiency in the Canva design program and their ability to convey deep meaning in their powerful images and captions. This collaboration between content and design has existed in many of our course offerings this year, leading to notable work from our community.

Check out the creations below!

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