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One-Act Play Wins Regionals Competition

Eagle Hill School’s One-Act Play Games Played at Terryville High wins the prestigious METG 2022 High School Festival Regionals competition.

Eagle Hill School is excited to announce for the second time in Eagle Hill’s theater history, that the school’s One-Act play advanced to the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG) 2022 High School Festival State Finals. Eagle Hill is one of fourteen schools across the state to win the regional championship and is recognized amongst the very best in high school theater for this outstanding achievement. 

On Saturday, April 2, 2022, students performed the school’s One-Act play Games Played at Terryville High at Leominster High School. Thirty-nine high school One-Act plays across the state competed this past weekend. Fourteen One-Act play performances were named State Finalists and chosen as winners of the regional championship. 

In addition, six students were recognized for the following exceptional accomplishments:

  • All-Star Acting ― Declan M. ’23
  • All-Star Acting ―Howie B. ’22
  • All-Star Acting ― Andre L. ’23
  • Lighting Design ― Ashton C. ’23
  • Sound Board Operations ― Tuva P. ‘23
  • Sound Design ― Alec S. ‘24

“Thank you to all that came to support us over the past two weeks,” said Mr. Gelinas, theater director and performing arts teacher. “It was an honor to represent EHS and we definitely did so with pride.” 

METG’s annual drama festival is a competitive program that includes 112 one-act plays produced by member high schools. The competition is usually organized across three levels— preliminary, semi-final (Regionals), and State Finals with student excellence in acting and technical design is recognized at each level. There will be no State Finals in 2022.

For more information about the METG Drama Festival and to see the competition results go to METG.

Games Played at Terryville High, written by Jeremy Geragotelis

Directed by Will Gelinas
Choreographed by Molly Romaker

  • Declan M. ’23 — Okie Jack
  • Howie B. ’22 — Giraffe
  • Audrey P. ’22 — Liz
  • Andre L. ’23 — Sharky
  • Ais G. ’22, Sam J. ’24, Grace W. ’23, Jake J. ’22, Max Z. ’23, and Maddy A. ’24 — “The Six”

Tech Crew
Technical Director — Carl Mercier

  • Stage Manager — Lucia C. ’23
  • Assistant Stage Manager — Spencer C. ’23
  • Sound Designer — Alec S. ’24
  • Soundboard Operator — Tuva P. ’23
  • Lighting Designer — Ashton C. ’23 and Weston M. ’22
  • Lighting Operator — Ashton C. ’23

Run Crew

  • Jason B. ’22
  • Allegra L. ’25
  • Caroline O. ’22
  • Samantha P. ’24
  • Todd R. ’24
  • Sander S. ’22
  • Wade S. ’22
  • Ethan W. ’22
Regional finalists - One Act Play

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