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New and Notable for 2024—2025

Eagle Hill School announces exciting New and Notable Courses for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

Each year, Eagle Hill maintains its tradition of providing innovative and captivating courses tailored to meet the interests and needs of its students. “New and Notable” courses introduced to Eagle Hill students are aimed to spark curiosity and nurture intellectual development. These courses, created by our faculty, are designed to reflect their expertise, current societal trends, and the diverse interests of our student body.

The 2024—2025 course offerings present diverse and engaging topics across various departments. In the English department, students can delve into the world of graphic storytelling with Creating Graphic Novels, explore the complexities of war literature in Man vs. Man: The Literature of War, and hone their journalistic skills with Sports Journalism.

Students can research and discuss the history and construction of the Panama Canal in the History Department’s Southcentral America: Caribbean Coasts, highlighting the culture and biodiversity of Costa Rica and Panama’s coastal and inland regions. While Mathematics enthusiasts can journey through the History of Mathematics.

The Pragmatics department offers Resilience and Well-Being, designed to assist students in understanding stress and how it impacts their lives. Zoological Oddities, offered by the Science Department, promises intriguing insights into the fascinating world of animals.

Finally, the Visual and Performing Arts Department invites students to unleash their creativity in Introduction to Comic Making, where they can explore the art of storytelling through comics.

Over the coming weeks, students will work with their advisors to map out their academic schedules for next year. With the school’s flexible nine-term schedule and the availability of these novel classes, Eagle Hill students can experience a nearly unlimited range of topics and interests.

Click the links below to view the New and Notable courses and the 2023—2024 Academic Course Guide.

View the New and Notable Courses >>

View the 2024—2025 Academic Course Guide >>

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