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The 2023-2024 academic curriculum has arrived!

"New and Notable" courses are offered to Eagle Hill students each year. Our faculty creates the New and Notable curriculum annually based on their areas of expertise, current events, and student interests. Offering a creative a nuanced twist on traditional subject material, these courses are always eagerly anticipated. They are one of the truly unique parts of the Eagle Hill experience for students and faculty alike. 

The course choices for next year include a variety of exciting and diverse topics- ranging from Young Women Who Code to an SEL Seminar in Diversity and Social Justice. In addition, students can choose from new visual and performing arts courses, including Intermediate Acting Techniques, Introduction to Fashion Design, Women in Metal Work, and Exploring Sculpture, to name a few. There are also intriguing new English classes being offered, such as African American Literature, Women Writers and the Art of Fiction, Star Wars: The Movie that Changed Movies, Experimental Writing, and Women Writers and the Art of Fiction. 

Over the coming weeks, students will work with their advisors to map out their academic schedules for next year. With the school's flexible nine-term schedule and the availability of these novel classes, Eagle Hill students can experience a nearly unlimited range of topics and interests.

Click the links below to view the New and Notable courses and the 2023-2024 Academic Course Guide.

New and Notable

Academic Year Course Guide


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