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Nohea Mahan
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Meet Nohea Reveley-Mahan

Eagle Hill School attracts impassioned educator and world traveler to join College Counseling. 

At Eagle Hill School we are fortunate to attract and retain some of the best educators and professionals in their fields. Nohea Reveley-Mahan is no exception and is Eagle Hill’s new College Counselor. Not only does Nohea radiate joy and positivity, but she also brings with her a wealth of knowledge that comes from a person who has traveled the world for academia and has a passion and drive to help those around her succeed and live life to its fullest.   

Nohea was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her love of history and free spirit took her on an adventure lasting fifteen years and taking her to over twenty countries spanning several continents. During that time, Nohea found herself a new home in Rome, Italy, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The American University of Rome. During her time there, she interned at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and decided to pursue a career in diplomacy.  

While completing her master’s in government and Politics from St. John's University, in Rome, Italy, Nohea worked as a student ambassador helping new students transition into college life. It was here that she found her calling in teaching and helping students find their true passion in life through higher education. For the next ten years, she worked in college admissions traveling the globe, promoting higher education focusing on inclusion and diversity. 

After fifteen years of traveling, she found her way back to her native Hawaii. Following her arrival back home, Nohea conducted some of her own outreach to the local schools in the area and saw there was a great need for teachers in the public school setting. This gave Nohea the spark and determination she needed to complete another master’s degree in Secondary Education at Hawaii Pacific University. Since then, she has spent the last three years working as a Social Studies teacher where she shared her love for international travel and education with a new generation of students.  

Some of Nohea’s other passions include cooking, opera, swimming, and hiking with her family. She is fluent in Italian and has started an Italian club on campus that meets weekly. Nohea is looking forward to her first true New England winter (she even bought her first “puffer coat” for the occasion) and looks forward to continuing to make meaningful connections with the students and staff at Eagle Hill School for years to come.   

Benvenuto a Eagle Hill! 




Nohea in Hawaii

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