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Noah Mejaour
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Meet Noah Mejaour, Success Center Director

Noah Mejaour joined Eagle Hill School this May, filling the important position of Success Center Director. As the school’s newest member of the student life team, Mr. Mejaour will be providing students with new opportunities to learn strategies that support their academic and personal success throughout the school year.

During Eagle Hill’s 2021 summer session, Mr. Mejaour helped students balance their busy academic schedules with fun-filled activities and clubs.

This Q&A gets to know Mr. Mejaour and his vision for student success—this summer—and for the upcoming academic year.

What does your day typically consist of during the Eagle Hill summer session?
One of the biggest things we do is student activity sign-ups, as every student registers daily for an activity during our activity period after classes. Then, we make sure everyone is ready to go for 3:40 p.m., ready to have some fun! Of course, new England weather keeps us on our toes, so we must adapt to the conditions, with many of our summer activities outdoors. I’m fortunate to be able to work with an excellent student life staff, as well as our rockstar interns and Leaders-In-Training, to make it all run smoothly!

What type of activities and services does Eagle Hill offer students in the summer?
We have a lot going on throughout the campus, especially during our activity and club periods. We offer many physical activities and clubs such as basketball, soccer, floor hockey, weight training, hiking, running, and more relaxed activities such as cooking, art club, reading time, video games, yoga, improv, and so much more. We encourage students to bring their interests forward to us on the faculty and create activities tailored to those interests.

How do students pick activities, and how are they encouraged to participate?
Our students get to choose their activity and, although these activities are required, we try always to have a wide array of options that appeal to different interests. So while clubs stay the same, you can always pick another activity every day and continue trying new things.

What do you hope Eagle Hill summer students will get out of their daily activities?
Our activities are a fun way to relax, de-stress, and connect with their peers. We have a wonderful community here at Eagle Hill, and through these activities and clubs, our students get to know each other, make new friends, and start to feel like a part of the family we have on campus. These activities are also ways for students to explore their passions and try new things!

What would you tell a student hesitant to try something new or out of their comfort zone?
Students need to know that transitions and new endeavors can be nerve-wracking for everyone, regardless of age or situation. However, by taking the plunge into something new, they could meet new friends and may end up enjoying the activity and have it become a new passion or interest. One of the best things about Eagle Hill is that there isn’t a fear of failure here – if you try something and it does not interest you, you’re not stuck in it, and you’re allowed to explore until you find what fits you best.

What is the role of the summer interns in helping Eagle Hill summer students?
The summer interns are AMAZING. Our interns work in every facet of our summer program and are role models for our students. They make a tremendous impact in our community and learn a lot about leadership in the process.

What is your favorite part of working with students during the summer?
It’s a wonderful experience watching these young individuals come to us unsure of themselves and slowly come out of their shells, having fun on campus and making new friends. Nothing makes me happier than seeing students be themselves, grow in their confidence, and have the chance to have fun at school.

What advice would you give to a student/family thinking about coming to Eagle Hill for the summer?
Most camps look great on paper, but how do you know it is the right place for them? Eagle Hill has been a place for students to grow for a long time! The faculty and staff are some of the best in the world at what they do. In addition, Eagle Hill is a supportive and uplifting community to every student who walks in our doors. With everything our summer program offers, there is no doubt that you will find a home here in Hardwick.

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