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Inspiring Minds and Shaping Writers at Eagle Hill

Meet Zach Turner, the newest addition to Eagle Hill, whose passion for teaching and writing enriches the community with creativity and innovation.

Originally hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Zach Turner is one of the newest additions to the Eagle Hill community. Bringing a rich academic background that includes a triple B.A. degree from the University of Arkansas in English, History, and Creative Writing, complemented by minors in Spanish, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Gender Studies, Zach arrives with a profound knowledge base and a deep passion for teaching.

Inspiring Literary Journeys

A graduate with a master’s in creative writing from Boston University, he is well-equipped to inspire students on their literary journey. His teaching philosophy revolves around encouraging individuality and creativity through the art of writing, fostering an environment where students can explore personal interests. Zach emphasizes that "To write well is to communicate well," particularly in today's digital environment.

Storytelling and Art

Beyond the classroom, he is involved in the literary journal club. Zach is passionate about teaching students to write for publication, emphasizing that writing is not just for themselves but for others as well. He utilizes storytelling and art to convey narratives that need to be told and showcase art that deserves to be seen.

Zach's decision to join Eagle Hill aligns with his mission to make a difference through innovative teaching techniques; he focuses on essential skills like reading, empathy, listening, and communication. Committed to continuous growth, Zach actively engages with the school's knowledge, resources and plans to pursue a Ph.D.

Welcome to Eagle Hill, Zach!

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