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Gingerbread houses
Eagle Hill School

Gingerbread Wonderland

A beloved holiday tradition is a creation of love and is admired by the entire Eagle Hill School community.

Eagle Hill School’s legendary head chef Kathey St. John Richard has been creating gingerbread houses throughout her 46-year career. For the past 24 years, she has crafted them for the enjoyment of the students and faculty at EHS. Her grand reveal takes place the night of the Holiday Show, and her theme for the houses (which changes every year) is kept a secret until that very evening.

Some of Kathey’s favorite themes from years past have been fairies and dragons, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and Dr. Seuss, to name a few. Her work to create these wonderful scenes begins three to four weeks in advance, and Kathey designs every house from one of the many patterns she has created herself over the years.   

This year’s theme for the gingerbread village was “Vintage Christmas,” and Kathey’s children came to her aide to help hand paint some of the quilts used in the display based on their own bedding when they were children. This has been a family affair considering how much time and detail goes into each home.

What’s more incredible is the village itself required 200 pounds of confectionary sugar and hundreds of pounds of candy. Sheets of gelatin were also used to create the illusion of windows in the homes and in the atrium that Kathey built by hand for the display. Kathey’s creativity and dedication to these memorable traditions with be greatly missed upon her retirement in June.

From all of us at Eagle Hill School, we thank Kathey for sharing her extraordinary talent with us and making our holiday celebration magical! 


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