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Exploring Entomophagy

Insights from Jessica Geary's Writing Invention, Innovation, and Imagination class.

In a world where culinary boundaries are constantly advancing, Eagle Hill students delved into entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, as part of Jessica Geary's Writing Invention, Innovation, and Imagination class. Their journey took them through a fascinating exploration of recipes, cultural practices, and nutritional data surrounding edible insects.

Each student researched a recipe with edible insects, from lollipops to cricket protein powders, worm tacos to fried scorpions, crickets, and locusts. The culinary creations were diverse. Some students sampled dark chocolate-covered crickets with amaranth seed, crafted by the Don Bugito company from San Francisco.

Students explored the cultural significance of consuming bugs. They examined where and why insects are embraced as dietary staples in various cultures, gaining valuable insights into historical, environmental, and nutritional concepts of entomophagy.

The most thought-provoking aspect of their research arose when students considered the concept of eating bugs themselves, especially given the imminent emergence of two broods of cicadas across the country.


Entomology Class


Their responses encompassed a range of reactions, from curiosity to hesitation:

“If you cover them in chocolate, they might be good!”
     —Griffin O.

“Free food coming from the ground, let’s dig in, soup anyone?" 
     —Evan G.

“Bacon Carbonara…yes, please! Cricket or Cicada Carbonara, no thank you!”
     —Chase H.

“Put them in the deep fryer with the scorpions, but I’m still not convinced!”
     —Max H.

“I like to use protein powder, but cricket protein powder, really?”
     —Leo E.

“We waste food and eat junk food, so why not take advantage of the free and healthy food source that bugs offer?"
     —Asher I.

“They might taste good, but I’m still not trying them!”
     —Ben S.

"Eww…bugs for breakfast? I’ll stick with my cereal!”
     —Merrin A.

As evidenced by the quotes above—perhaps entomophagy will emerge as a novel trend and sustainable solution to global food challenges...and then again perhaps not.

Learn more about edible insects at: Don Bugito

Listen to Brooklyn Bugs about the upcoming Cicada brood emergence.


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