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Miranda LaCoste
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Miranda LaCoste: Empowering Wellness at Eagle Hill School

From Graphic Design to Fitness Leadership

The director of membership and wellness at Eagle Hill School, Miranda LaCoste, is committed to fitness and holistic well-being. Her personal experience ignited her passion for wellness on a comprehensive level. This journey led her to embrace a lifestyle of physical health and mental balance and propelled her toward a career dedicated to empowering others to embark on similar paths. Her role as the first of its kind at Eagle Hill marks a new era of comprehensive health initiatives within the community.

Miranda’s academic background began in graphic design at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Following university, she began working as a graphic designer and media manager. While attending D&D Fitness Factory, she discovered her passion for fitness and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Inspired by this newfound passion, she transitioned into personal training full-time, eventually leading boot camps and becoming an independent health and fitness professional.

"When people think about wellness, I want them to think Baglio."
          —Miranda LaCoste

Ron Baglio, for whom the athletics center is named, recruited her to elevate wellness at Eagle Hill School. Driven by the groundbreaking research SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by Dr. John Ratey of Harvard, Miranda began offering morning exercise to students. Over time, her responsibilities broadened to nutrition and, currently, she oversees the school's holistic wellness efforts.

As the director of membership and wellness, Miranda instructs Eagle Hill members in a Sizzling Circuit and Burdenko Swimming class. She envisions a versatile program, ranging from high-energy sessions like Zumba to contemplative practices such as yoga. She stated, “I want to become a resource to help anyone improve their overall wellness; it is the little habits that can improve in your life.” Additionally, Miranda intends to organize workshops to alleviate stress and cultivate holistic well-being within the mind and body. With an inviting demeanor and receptiveness to feedback, Miranda wants to foster a culture of continuous improvement for all members of the Ronald M. Baglio Sports and Fitness Center.


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