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Students looking at eclipse
Eagle Hill School

Eclipse 2024

A solar phenomenon for Eagle Hill students.

As the students at Eagle Hill School gathered to witness the rare celestial spectacle of an eclipse, they were not only treated to a mesmerizing display but also gained a deeper understanding of the scientific marvel unfolding before them. Guided by their educators, they eagerly awaited the moment when the moon would obscure the sun, casting a temporary darkness over the area. There was excitement as witnesses observed the extraordinary event unfold, experiencing firsthand the awe-inspiring alignment of the sun, moon, and Earth.

Meanwhile, Dr. Leahy led a group of students on an expedition to witness the eclipse at Niagara Falls, Ontario. As the whole city was plunged into darkness along the path of totality, stargazers everywhere were captivated by the rare occurrence. Pre and post-eclipse, the group indulged in various attractions, including a unique perspective of the falls from a zipline.

The wait for the next total eclipse will be lengthy, not occurring until 2044, adding to the allure of this week’s experience and providing another memorable moment in their time at Eagle Hill.

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