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Mowen Gou
Eagle Hill School

Eagle Hill Welcomes Mowen Guo

Visual Arts teacher inspires compassion, confidence, and expression through art.

Eagle Hill’s new visual arts teacher, Mowen Guo, is a storyteller—a visual one, to be precise. A Beijing native, he comes to Hardwick from the Bay Area of CA. 

The diversity of his talents—filmmaking, comics, painting, and illustration—means that no matter what direction our students choose to take their artistic pursuits, he can expertly guide them. Diving headfirst into the year, Mowen is teaching Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Desktop Publishing and Yearbook, and Screen Printing for Commercial Graphics. He will also later offer courses in Etching, Block Printing, Photoshop, Digital Drawing, and Basic Painting, as well as lead the Yearbook Club with students contributing to the yearbook.

Not merely seeking to offer technical instruction, Mowen aspires to help students find confidence in authentic expression and create a learning environment that both inspires students new to the arts and empowers those experienced artists seeking to bring their work to the next level. 

Mowen says, “I deeply appreciate the chance to share my love for art within the inclusive community of Eagle Hill School. Art has forever been my fervent passion, a conduit through which my aspirations are fueled with inspiration. I am dedicated to ongoing growth and learning on this remarkable journey.”

With a BA in Filmmaking from UC Davis and an MFA in Comics from California College of the Arts, he has invaluable academic and technical knowledge to impart on our students. With a passion for creating connectivity, understanding, and empathy through art, he has the spirit to ensure that our students aren’t just taking art classes—they are experiencing life lessons. 

Welcome to Eagle Hill, Mowen!

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