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Eagle Hill Students Honor Our Veterans
Eagle Hill School

Eagle Hill School Students Honor Our Veterans

Thank you to all members of our military, in all branches, past and present. 

For long-time Eagle Hill dorm counselor David Haynes II, Veteran's Day is an opportunity to remember the service of his father, David Allen Haynes, who passed away in 2019. Haynes served in the United States Army for 27 years, including tours during the Vietnam War.

“Growing up, my family was a traditional military family. We moved around often from base to base and got to see other parts of the world. Places like Fort Bragg, Fort Sill, bases overseas in Germany, it was just how things operated,” said Haynes II.

David Haynes Gravestone

Haynes was a dentist by trade and was often called upon to help soldiers needing surgery and other remedies for mouth and tooth pain while on the battlefield. Haynes was also responsible for the unfortunate but essential duty of helping identify the soldiers who were lost in battle. A recipient of medals such as the Bronze Star and the Legion of Merit, Haynes retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was one of the many heroes who served with distinction during Vietnam.

In searching for ways to honor his father, Haynes II wanted to have a shadowbox to proudly display his accolades and flag. EHS woodshop teacher Jeff Myra connected Haynes with Andrew B. ’23, a former student in Haynes' Enfield dorm looking for a project to create.

Andrew and Haynes worked on a design that would incorporate two wooden triangles covered by plexiglass and a hinge in the middle, allowing Haynes to open and close the display, similar to a briefcase.

For Andrew, working on this project was memorable for a few reasons.

“I have family members who served in the military, so after talking to my former dorm counselor Mr. Haynes, I knew it was something I would be interested in creating. It’s just a nice way to honor a person who dedicated their life to serving our country, so I’m glad I could be a part of it,” said Andrew.

In addition to creating this display case, Haynes is also working with another of his students to involve the broader Eagle Hill School community.

At an all-school meeting, Chip B. ’24 with the support of the Student Council Community Service Committee presented facts about current military personnel who return home and struggle with their mental health. Students were allowed to dress down by giving a minimum donation, raising just over $850 to support veterans. Chip and Haynes delivered these donations to a local Disabled American Veterans (DAV) office. 

If you would like to donate directly to DAV, you can give here.

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