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Eagle Hill School Year in Review

A recap of the 2023-2024 academic year highlights!

This year at Eagle Hill, we featured the addition of talented new faculty, inspiring guest speakers, outstanding athletic achievements, remarkable contributions to the arts and theater, and vibrant traditions. Here’s a look at a few of the highlights of this memorable year.

New Faculty Arrivals

Eagle Hill enriched its academic and wellness programs with the addition of several new faculty members:

  • Mowen Guo joined as a Visual Arts teacher, bringing fresh creativity to the art department.
  • Zach Turner stepped in as an English teacher, inspiring students with his passion for literature.
  • Jonnie Coutu became the new Maker Space teacher, fostering innovation and hands-on learning.
  • Miranda LaCoste took on the role of Director of Wellness, emphasizing the importance of mental and physical well-being.

Inspiring Guest Speakers

We welcomed distinguished speakers who left a lasting impact on the community. Sci-fi and fantasy author LJ Cohen shared her imaginative worlds and the writing process. Poet S.C. Says emphasized the importance of empathy and purpose. Mason Currey, known for his book “Daily Rituals,” provided insights into the routines of creative minds, inspiring students to find their productive rhythms.

Sports Highlights

Eagle Hill athletes shone brightly this year, achieving significant milestones and bringing home several championships:

  • Samantha P. ’24 was named the 2023 SENE Girls’ Cross Country Runner of the Year.
  • Brianna W. ’25 was a consolation semi-finalist in the National Prep Wrestling Championship—a historic milestone for EHS wrestling. With three wins out of five matches, Brianna’s stellar efforts single-handedly secured Eagle Hill Girl’s Wrestling 26th place out of 42 teams.
  • Teddy H.’26 earned the title of 2024 SENE Varsity Golf “Player of the Year.”
  • Cole C. ’24 was named 2024 SENE Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse “Player of the Year.”
  • Sam J. ’24 was named 2024 SENE Boys’ Varsity Ultimate Co-player of the Year.”
  • The Boys’ Basketball team claimed the 2023 RVAL Championship, showcasing their hard work and dedication.
  • The Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country teams triumphed in the 2023 SENE Championship, with the girls also winning the RVAL Championship.
  • The Ultimate Varsity team emerged victorious in the “2024 SENE Ultimate Championship.”
  • The Wrestling team won the 2024 National New England Wrestling Tournament and the 2023-2024 Eastern Independent League (EIL) Wrestling Tournament, marking a historic achievement for the team.


The arts at Eagle Hill flourished this year. The exhibition “Ode to a Forgotten People and Place” featured evocative photographs by Vern McClish, capturing historical and cultural narratives. The STAR collaboration with Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş, a hybrid artist who blends poetry, dance, and film, offered a multidimensional artistic experience.

Theater Productions

Theater enthusiasts at Eagle Hill enjoyed a diverse lineup of productions. Students took on various roles, from acting to set construction and technical operations, showcasing their dedication and skill.:

  • The Laramie Project brought a poignant and powerful story to the stage, prompting thoughtful discussions on community and acceptance.
  • High School Musical delighted audiences with its energetic performances and catchy tunes, celebrating high school life and friendships.
  • The One Act Play showcased the talents of Eagle Hill’s drama students in a short, compelling performance.


Eagle Hill’s cherished traditions brought the community together. The year kicked off with Spirit Week, where students and staff showcased their school pride through various themed activities and competitions. The Fall and Spring Family Weekends were a hit, offering families a glimpse into the Eagle Hill student experience. The Hot Chocolate Run in the fall added warmth and camaraderie despite the cold, while Purple Week painted the school focusing on mental health and unity. The highly anticipated and spirited floor hockey tournament took place in March. Additionally, prom, baccalaureate, senior bonfire, commencement, and so many more events punctuated the year with memorable celebrations.

The memories and milestones of 2023-2024 are now another chapter in Eagle Hill’s story. As we look ahead to the upcoming fall and beyond, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

View photos of events, athletics, and activities throughout the academic year >>

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