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CYBER educator award
Chris Komenda

Cyber Security in the Classroom

Diana Mackiewicz is awarded the prestigious CYBER.ORG Educator Award.


"There are no safe passwords," warns Diana Mackiewicz, Computer Applications Department Chair and Academic Advisor. Diana is well-versed in internet security and privacy concerns, and she has been educating Eagle Hill students on these threats for years.

CYBER Educator Award

For her dedication to teaching trending cyber security curricula and helping to prepare students for future careers in cyber security and related fields, CYBER.ORG presented Diana with the CYBER.ORG Educator Award

This prestigious honor is awarded to the leading educators who are teaching cyber security in new and innovative ways to K-12 students and showing their commitment to growing the future cyber security workforce.

The award was presented at CYBER.ORG EdCon 23 on June 20-24, 2023, in Mesa, Arizona. Diana also delivered an interactive "Public or Private Information" presentation at EdCon 23 about the differences between public and private information, what should and shouldn't be shared online, and best password practices.

Since her first experiences taking computer courses in Counter Terrorism and earning a Master's degree in International Security Studies, Diana has been at the forefront of Cyber Security.

In 2000, when Diana began teaching at Eagle Hill School, cybersecurity wasn't widely recognized as an issue. Today, cybercrime has become mainstream. 

Diana's curriculum includes classes in Counter Terrorism and Drone Security. She teaches students about technology and what information is private versus public, and she conducts studies in cognitive warfare and social engineering. 

Cybersecurity will continue to grow, making this one of the most promising and well-paid careers available today and in the future.

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