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Creativity Blooms on Eagle Hill Campus

Students showcase innovative ideas across different ventures.

Here at Eagle Hill, innovation runs free. Our faculty members encourage students to explore creativity, and diverse talents have emerged. Recently, four students shared their exceptional creations. From photography innovations to upcycling technology, their work embodies the spirit of innovation that thrives at Eagle Hill.

Otto M. ’24: Capturing the Eclipse with Homemade Ingenuity

Meet Otto M. ’24, a passionate photographer who finds inspiration in capturing moments through his lens. Otto's love for photography knows no bounds, and when the recent eclipse graced the skies, he saw it as an opportunity to embark on a unique photographic journey. However, there was a hurdle: his camera lacked a suitable filter for such an event. Otto, undeterred, saw this as a chance to exercise his creative prowess.

Taking cues from his grandfather's passion for aerial photography, Otto began to fashion his eclipse filter. With picture frames, an emergency ski patrol blanket, and silicone glue, he meticulously crafted a custom filter for his lens. With his homemade contraption, he set out to the Adirondack Mountains where he would witness the eclipse in all its glory. His resourcefulness and determination produced stunning photographs and showcased how creativity can overcome challenges.

Trevor T. ’27: Reinventing the Mug for Culinary Delights

Meanwhile, Trevor T. ’27 is stirring up excitement with his innovative take on drinkware. Fondly reminiscing about family gatherings, Trevor was inspired to reinvent the traditional mug. In his 3D printing class, Trevor crafted mugs with broader brims designed to accommodate an array of toppings—from marshmallows to caramel and chocolate syrup. Despite encountering numerous hurdles, Trevor remains resolute in his quest for the perfect mug.

His grand vision is to transform his 3D-printed prototypes into ceramic masterpieces, allowing everyone to enhance their favorite beverages with delectable toppings. Trevor aspires to create moments of indulgence for all who partake.

Maddie D. ’27: Redefining Spaces with 3D-Printed Furniture

For Maddie D. ’27, the fascination with 3D printing has been a part of her life since childhood, sparked by her family's interest in 3D printing technology. When the chance to explore 3D printing arose at Eagle Hill Campus, Maddie seized the opportunity.

What began as a simple miniature desk with working draws quickly evolved into a comprehensive office setup, complete with a chair and a functional lamp, all meticulously fashioned using 3D printing technology. Maddie envisions a future where 3D-printed furniture could revolutionize interior design, offering personalized solutions for every space.

Maddie is now crafting a coffee table for her home, expanding on her previous miniature 3D designs. With each project, Maddie moves closer to her dream of reshaping the norms of furniture and sculpture where innovation knows no limits.

Quincy J. ’24: Breathing New Life into Old Technology

Meanwhile, Quincy J. ’24 found an unexpected inspiration: an antiquated computer. Intrigued by the prospect of repurposing the outdated device, Quincy teamed up with his woodshop teacher Mr. Myra to breathe new life into it, envisioning a remarkable outcome—creating a retro gaming system.

Fueled by his love for gaming and knack for tinkering, Quincy designed a compact gaming machine that would entertain fellow students on campus. Through extensive research, Quincy dismantled the computer, repurposing its components to align with his vision. Using the campus CNC machine, Quincy crafted the framework for his gaming system, integrating components like the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and power supply. With a joystick and buttons sourced from Amazon and wired to the computer, Quincy is one step closer to bringing his creation to life.

As the school year draws to a close and classes wrap up their final projects, the innovative spirit at Eagle Hill Campus remains vibrant. Students like Otto, Trevor, Maddie, and Quincy continue to push boundaries and inspire their peers with their creativity.

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