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Creations Come to Life!

Dr. McCaffrey’s Stop-Action Animation Class Produces Fun Short Projects

A new course offered this year at Eagle Hill School focuses on Stop-Action Animation, an early form of animation in which a still picture of a physical scene is taken, small movements in the scene are made, and another still picture is taken. This process is repeated to create the illusion of motion when all the still pictures are played in sequence. Taught by Dr. Tony McCaffrey, this class is a very satisfying art form for students who are into digital and visual arts.

Using the free mobile application “Stop Motion Studio,” students are tasked every class to produce a new idea and make it come to life using tools like Play-Doh, construction paper, trinkets, figurines, Legos, and anything else to produce their creative vision. Students were also taught to add sound effects and create graphics to coincide with their videos, giving a fully produced experience to viewers.

“The best part of these projects is that it makes people smile. They’re fun, they’re simple in nature, but they also represent a lot of patience and hard work from the students,” said McCaffrey.

“For most students, this type of animation has become a hobby. For others, this course has allowed them to explore this area as a potential interest in their career. It will be exciting to see the innovative projects in the future as we continue to offer this one-term course to more students.”


Please enjoy some of the amazing and creative stop-action animation projects from our students below!

Audrey P. ’22 creates an extended stop-action film with an adventure that takes place under the sea in “The Story of Pirate Baloo.”

View all these stop-action videos listed below here.

Otto M. ‘24 cooks breakfast and makes a smoothie in his stop-action film “Breakfast Time.”

Ethan W. ’22 has his Play-Doh come to life in his short action-packed film!

Phoebe P. ’24 unveils the hidden messages in her stop-action film on the Eagle Hill core values!

Emma B. ‘25 and Hudson M. ‘25 enjoy a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola!

Ais G. ’22 shows off some cup-stacking skills


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