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Eagle Hill's Cup of Coffee Series Features Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran

On May 13th, the second edition of the Eagle Hill School Cup of Coffee Series featured renowned entrepreneur, real estate icon, and Executive Producer and “Shark” on the 4-time Emmy-winning television show Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran.

The virtual discussion lasted about one hour with over 125 registrants for the program opened exclusively to Eagle Hill students, parents, past families, and alumni/ae.

Ranging on a variety of topics, from entrepreneurial advice, stories about overcoming obstacles, tips for parenting, and using your diverse learning profile to your advantage, Corcoran captivated the audience in a way that was both beneficial and authentic to the trail-blazing career that she continues to this day. Check out a few of the highlights from the event below.

On the topic of overcoming obstacles in her life, Barbara is a firm believer that life is like bouncing a ball off the ground.

Watch the video below on "Life is like bouncing a ball".

During a trip that she will always remember to Taiwan, Barbara was shocked to learn about the diverse learning profiles from the industry leaders and millionaires she met. In addition, she was later impressed to learn that many of the other Sharks on “Shark Tank” had similar educational experiences as she did.

Watch the video below on "Many leaders have diverse learning profiles".

Barbara believes the best businesses and entrepreneurs that she works with do not make excuses or play the victim. In fact, she summarizes how she prioritizes her businesses in the clip below.

Watch the video below on “Victims in business are not successful”.

When discussing the ongoing balance of parenting children who grew up with privilege, Barbara recounts an interesting story from her son.

Watch the video below on “Working with children who grew up with privilege".

There are many reasons why someone like Barbara is as successful, motivated, and insightful as she is, but above all else, she is as genuine and caring as she is smart and strategic. We are so fortunate to have Barbara as a part of the Eagle Hill family, and we cannot thank her enough for taking time out of her day to be a part of this series.

For those who missed it live, you can watch the entirety of the event here.

For more event highlights from Barbara and previous Cup of Coffee series editions, visit the Resources tab on Eagle Hill Connect here.

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