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Chopped Challenge
Eagle Hill School

Chopped Challenge: EHS Edition

Faculty compete in a MasterChef Cook Off.

On Monday evening, Mr. Parson, Dr. Riendeau, and Dr. Stone showed off their culinary skills to determine Eagle Hill’s best master chef! Utilizing the Waller Trustee House kitchen and using only “pantry items”, each chef was challenged to create something uniquely yummy. Students enrolled in Ms. Gray and Mr. McCann’s Food Writing course judged for creativity, presentation, and taste. Judging for creativity were R. Singley, K. Owens, and O. Ray; A. Almonte and C. Lalonde judged presentation; and taste was judging by the discerning palates of T. Fromm, B. Rucci, and A. Beers.

Each chef had to work with their unique mystery basket, which they randomly selected.

Dr. Riendeau’s mystery basket: Kraft mac and cheese, seaweed, chicken breasts, and pineapple

Dr. Stone’s mystery basket: pork chops, cranberries, leeks, white rice

Mr. Parson’s mystery basket: pickles, quinoa, ground beef, broccoli

Our chef’s emerged from the allotted cook time with creative and tasty dishes! Mr. Parson’s “Odin the All-Father’s Fritter” was a ground beef fritter paired with spicy roasted broccoli and a spicy pickle-quinoa sauce. Dr. Stone’s “Miss Piggy Went to Town and Sprung a Leak” was a leek-cranberry puree under a rice pilaf with pan-fried pork. And Dr. Riendeau’s “Old Maui” was a Kraft-mac encrusted fried chicken tenderloin with seaweed colcannon, a pineapple seaweed salad, and fried pineapple.

In a very delicious and competitive showdown, Dr. Stone and Mr. Parson tied at 32 of 36 total points. A coin flip determined that Dr. Stone reigned as the master chef champion.

Congratulations, and thank you to all who participated!

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