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Alum Marissa Perez ’14 Speaks to Eagle Hill Students

Set within Mrs. Jessica Geary’s “Uncanny World” course, students have begun to focus on the concept of object narratives, an exciting way to personify and attribute sentimentality to everyday objects through works of literature and art. Fortunately for EHS students, Marissa Perez ‘14, an accomplished alumna and senior student at Hampshire College, was willing to take a deep dive into the topic – one that directly coincides with her senior thesis.

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In creating an immersive exhibit set to open this March after a year of preparation, Perez was able to speak to students about one specific item she has been focused on in creating an object narrative—a 622-year-old page or “leaf” from a manuscript made of calfskin.

In describing this object to the class, Perez went into detail about the characteristics of this studied page, such as its history, its sentimental significance, and its physical traits. Deriving from a French prayer book, Perez is still working on its interpretation as a part of her project.

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Students were handed photographs of Perez's manuscript page and asked to identify its more minor details, such as its gold trim and blue shadings. Next, Perez worked with students on good techniques and ways to help personify their objects, such as giving a name to their objects (Perez calls her manuscript "Blue") or even establishing a researched story behind their object. In doing so, students will then be able to create works of writing centered around the descriptions and attributes of a seemingly simple item.

In addition to her unique manuscript, Perez will also utilize her old Eagle Hill School backpack and its contents as a part of her exhibit.

"Eagle Hill had a tremendous impact on my life."

"Eagle Hill had a tremendous impact on my life, and my backpack with its related memories and emotions has been really interesting to explore," said Perez to the class. Students were then able to discuss what items in their backpacks carried sentimental value and fun memories. In a fun and lively collaboration, students could apply their class knowledge to the discussion with Perez.

Perez and her exhibit are set to be featured in the spring edition of Pioneer Pulse, our alumni newsletter published in early April.

A big thank you to Marissa for sharing her experience and expertise with Eagle Hill students!

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