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Samantha P. Takes the Crown as the SENE Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year!

In a standout accomplishment, Sam P. ’24 secured the title of 2023 SENE Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year, a well-deserved recognition for her exceptional performance throughout the season. This achievement not only highlights Sam's dedication, skill, and significant contributions to our school's athletic legacy but also serves as a testament to the overall commitment to excellence within Eagle Hill's sports community.

Congratulations to Sam P. on this remarkable accolade! 

As we celebrate Sam's victory, it marks just one chapter in the story of athletic success at Eagle Hill during the Fall 2023 Sports season. Before delving into our coaches’ recap, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has played a role in the success of our Fall athletics program. A special thank you to all our coaches for their tireless dedication and commitment to our student-athlete. 

Summary of Fall Athletics

Varsity Cross Country

Coach: Stephanie Whitaker
Assistant Coach: Liza Elkin

The EHS Varsity Cross Country team witnessed its highest participation levels in recent years, and the impact was evident. Both the Boys and Girls teams secured Southeastern New England Independent Schools Athletics Association (SENE) Champions titles, with the girls additionally clinching the River Valley Athletic League (RVAL) Championships. Despite challenging conditions, such as a snowy start during the RVAL Championship, a memorable moment occurred at the finish line as Olivia F. ’27, one of the runners, bravely completed the race with a missing shoe, holding it in hand.

Outstanding performances by Sam P. ’24 and Ethan H. ’25 were recognized at the SENE championship. To honor these achievements Eagle Hill will add new banners to the Ronald M. Baglio Sports and Fitness Center. With their continued progress, the future looks exceptionally bright for Eagle Hill Cross Country.

Outstanding Team Contributor: Cole C. ’27, and Sam P. ’24
The Coaches’ Award: Luke M ’27, and Blue B. ’25
Most Improved Player Award: Toby P. ’26

SENE Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year
Sam P. ’24

SENE All-League Males:
Joachim T. ’25
Cole C. ’27
Ayan D. ’24
Andres V. ’27
Toby P. ’26

SENE ALL-League Males Honorable Mention:
Ethan H. ‘25

Team Roster:
Blue B. ’25
Mary Doster B. ’26
Diego B. ’26
Cole C. ’27
Ayan D.  ’24
Krew D. ’26
Leo E.  ’27
Olivia F. ’27
Liam F. ’24
Kate H.  ’24
Ethan H. ’25
Charles K. ’26
Xavier K. ’26
Hope L. ’27
Allegra L. ’25
Luke M. ’27
Otto M. ’24
Samantha P. ’24
Tobias P. ’26
Alec S. ’24
Reyna S. ’27
Joachim T. ’25
Andres V. ’27
Eitan W. ’24
Gabriel W. ’25

Varsity Rowing

Coach: Molly Gray
Assistant Coach: Becky Miller
Assistant Coach: Wendy McFaul

This season was a testament to the resilience and accomplishments of the Eagle Hill crew team throughout six races. Welcoming a substantial number of new rowers, the team faced stiff competition in large regattas but excelled notably in races against Lenox Memorial in Stockbridge, MA, and at the Jack-Row Lantern Invitational in Springfield, MA. A highlight came during the Lenox race, where the team secured first place across all categories – singles, boys doubles, novice four, and varsity four.

Weekly recognition in the form of the "Catch of the Week" award went to Ben T. ’27, James P. ’28, Brianna W. ’25, and Hudson M. ’25 for their exceptional contributions. Player standouts included Courtland J. ’25, who experienced significant growth with several top placements, including first at Jack-Row, Lenox, and the New England Junior Championships. Brianna W. ’25 selflessly took new rowers under her wing, and Teddy K. ’25 set a new Personal Record in his 2,000-meter time trial. As the season unfolded, these remarkable achievements reflected the dedication and talent within the EHS crew team.

Outstanding Team Contributor: Asher I. ’27
The Coaches’ Award: Brianna W. ’25
Most Improved Player Award: Asher W-S. ’25
Novice Award: James P ’28

Team Roster:
Nathan B.’28
Oskar C. ’27
Beatrice D. ’25
Tyler D. ’26
Jasper D. ’26
Thomas F. ’26
Theodore G. ’24
Myles H. ’27
Max H. ’27
Asher I. ’27
Brady J. ’27
Courtland J. ’25
Kellie J. ’25
Thaddeus K. ’25
Nicholas L. ’25
Anthony M. ’26
Lexi M. ’25
Hudson M. ’25
James P. ’28
Hugh S. ’26
Boden S. ’27
Samuel S. ’24
Ethan S. ’26
Benjamin T. ’27
Aiden W. ’28
Asher W. ’25
Brianna W. ’25


Coach: Ken Leyva
Assistant Coach: Kim Bonica

This season was thrilling and transformative for the Lady Pioneers’ volleyball team. Following the departure of five starters from the previous year, the team welcomed ten new players. Additionally, they saw the return of eight letter winners from the 2022 squad. The 2023 edition of the EHS volleyball team surpassed expectations during the fall season.

The team’s determination and defensive tenacity, demonstrated in numerous exhilarating rallies throughout the season, were highlighted by an average match time of two hours and ten minutes. The Lady Pioneers were in intense five-set matches against challenging opponents such as Stoneleigh-Burnham and Marie Philip. They achieved notable victories by sweeping the season series against Williston Northampton, making history with their first win against Northfield Mount Hermon, and triumphing over Marianapolis volleyball club.

As the season concludes, the departure of five seniors will undoubtedly leave a void. However, the future appears promising with the impressive performance with new players stepping up, providing the team with a much-needed boost during crucial matches. The foundation has been established, pointing toward a bright future for the Lady Pioneers' volleyball program.

Outstanding Team Contributor: Tori N. ’24, and Maddie E. ’24
The Coaches’ Award: Myah J. ’24, and Olivia J. ’28
Most Improved Player Award: Kaitlyn P. ’25, and Nora M. ’28
Rising Star: Gabriella C. ’27

Team Roster:
Gabriella C.’27
Madeline E. ’24
Danielle F. ’25
Olivia J. ’28
Myah J.  ’24
Roselyn L. ’26
Morgan L. ’25
Sofia L. ’24
Nora M. ’28
Zoe M. ’27
Isla M. ’27
Victoria N. ’24
Kaitlyn P. ’24
Victoria R. ’25
Adeline S. ’25
Gabriella U. ’27
Liba V. ’27
Yuxi W. ’28

Girls Varsity Soccer

Coach: Dr. Juan Bacigalupi
Assistant Coach: Cindy Coughlin

The Eagle Hill women's soccer team faced a challenging season marked by persistent injuries that prevented them from reaching full playing capacity. Despite the adversity, the team showcased remarkable resilience, pushing through the setbacks to complete the season with four wins and nine losses. The impact of injuries on the team's performance was evident, yet the players' determination and perseverance were commendable as they navigated the challenges together. The unity and commitment displayed during this season set a solid foundation for the future.

Outstanding Team Contributor: Angelia L. ’24
The Coaches’ Award: Brielle K. ’25
Most Improved Player Award: Phoebe R. ’26

Team Roster:
Merrin A. ’28
Emilia G. ’24
Brielle K. ’25
Angelia L. ’24
Arielle L. ’25
Gabrielle L. ’26
Mackenzie N. ’28
Phoebe R. ’26
Rebecca S. ’26
Julia S. ’25
Eloise T. ’28
Bridget W. ’24
Sorelle W. ’27

Boys Varsity Soccer

Coach: Ian Kelly
Assistant Coach: Claudio Santoro

The EHS boys’ soccer team had a remarkable season; with a record of nine wins, six losses, and three ties, they secured second place in the RVAL regular season standings and competed in the championship game for the seventh time in nine seasons. Furthermore, the team advanced to the SENE Championship, securing a third-place position and making their inaugural appearance in the SENE playoffs.

There were notable moments, including impressive comebacks in three games, with significant victories against rivals Dublin and Bancroft. The season's highlight was a stunning comeback against Cambridge Academy of Technology and Science, overturning a 2-0 halftime deficit to win 4-3 with a last-second goal. While the departure of seasoned players will be missed, there is optimism that emerging stars will step into leadership roles, paving the way for an exciting and promising future for the EHS boys' soccer team.

Outstanding Team Contributor: Alex H. ’24
The Coaches’ Award: Mengistu E. ’24
Most Improved Player Award: Jeremy S. ’25

SENE All-League Honors:
1st team All-League- Alex H. ’24
1st team All-League- Mengistu E. ’24
2nd team All-League- Jack R. ’24
2nd team All-League- Reese C. ’25
Honorable Mention All-League- Jeremy S. ’25

Team Roster:
Owen A. ’25
Harrison B. ’25
Joshua B. ’24
Yoni B. ’24
Ryan B. ’24
Reese C. ’25
Griffin C. ’25
Quincy D. ’24
William D. ’24
Mengistu E. ’24
Alex H. ’24
Ethan J. ’26
Eli K. ’25
Alexander M. ’26
Jack M. ’25
Griffin O. ’26
Jack R. ’24
Makalo R. ’26
Jeremy S. ’25

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

Coach: Andrew Moreland
Assistant Coach: Keith Morris

Eagle Hill’s JV soccer team displayed passion for the game during every practice and match. Led by Captains Cole F. ’27, Martin O. ’26, and Booker E. ’25, the team arrived early for practice and extended sessions to further develop their skills. Despite finishing the season with two wins, six losses, and two ties overall, there was notable growth throughout the team. Facing tough competitors like Deerfield and Williston-Northampton, the team showcased competitiveness, maintaining its ground throughout the games. Standout moments include an exhilarating opening match against Bancroft, where a last-minute hat trick goal tied the game with ten seconds remaining.

In the face of difficulty with five consecutive losses, the team made a comeback, successfully navigating obstacles, including injuries and illness. This season’s offensive prowess, totaling nineteen goals, showcased the skills of these players. Thank you to the support system, including JV Assistant Coach Morris, the Varsity Coaching Staff, Athletic Director Cindy Coughlin, and trainer Emily McCutchen, for their crucial role in the team’s success. This collective effort signals a promising chapter for Eagle Hill soccer.

Outstanding Team Contributor: Cole F. ’27, and Carter C. ’26
The Coaches’ Award: Booker W. ’25, and Martin O. ’26
Most Improved Player Award: Evan G. ’27, and Jay D. ’28

Team Roster:
James B. ’25
Carter C. ’26
Dominick Owen C. ’26
Connor D. ’28
Zachary D. ’26
Joseph D. ’27
James D. ’28
Booker E. ’25
Cole F. ’27
Evan G. ’27
Garrett H. ’27
Henry H. ’28
Gordon H. ’26
Miles J. ’27
Liam J. ’27
Michael M. ’27
Martin O. ’26
Paul O. ’27
William S. ’26

Go Pioneers!

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