Growth and Learning During the Pandemic

Sue Cranford, Associate Director of Admission
Summer Pool

Ten Reasons to Consider Summer Camp

In Malcolme Gladwell’s book, Outliers, Gladwell makes the case with statistical evidence that the single greatest factor in a child’s academic achievement is not race, socio-economic status, or even IQ scores…but rather the level to which students have a structured academic experience during the summer. 
And never has this statement held more weight than it does right now, in the unprecedented time we are all living through together. Even the very best forms of online school delivery cannot replace the kind of growth and learning that happens within a student as a result of the personal interactions between teachers and students, and students and their peers. This is especially true for students with diverse learning abilities who will be affected doubly by the loss of critical instruction and an extended period of potential regression in skills (March – September). 
We invite you to look toward the future, beyond where we are today, and to give your child the gift of the Eagle Hill summer session. Eagle Hill School’s five-week summer session offers students the opportunity to address both the loss of critical instruction as well as the potential for summer regression.  With a full range of academic and elective courses, in combination with a full array of outdoor activities (swimming, ropes course, athletics, hiking, etc.), our beautiful 300-acres campus in Hardwick, Massachusetts might just be the perfect post-pandemic place for your students to learn, to live, and to thrive in July. 
We are also making this financially risk-free for families.  If we are unable to open the summer program safely on-campus due to the coronavirus, the entirety of the summer tuition (including the deposit) will be refunded back to each family.
Here are the top ten benefits that EHS summer families report:
  1. Significant impact on academic achievement. Students will engage in 4 academic classes each day and will work on building skills in reading, writing, math, and science.
  2. Time outdoors and to be physically active – summer session provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to run, swim, hike, bike and enjoy nature.  #playoutside!
  3. Development of key coping skills – participants learn to manage living in a dormitory among new peers and adults, they learn to advocate for themselves within an encouraging and supportive community, and they learn to take measured and manageable academic and social risks in the absence of their parents.
  4. Making life-long friends – Without the social and academic pressures of the school year, children can relax and truly be themselves. The low pressure atmosphere fosters deeper, more meaningful friendships among the campers.
  5. Gaining independence – EHS summer is the perfect place for kids to practice making good, informed decisions. Kids learn to manage their time and their choices. Of course, these new found freedoms are all experienced within a safe, structured, and supportive environment.
  6. Strengthening a positive identity – With the benefit of a well-conceived summer orientation process, kids are assisted in sharing with the community their interests, their ideas, and their aspirations.  Quickly they are no longer defined by their ADHD or dyslexia, but rather by the things they excel at and enjoy most.
  7. Enjoying free time for fun – Away from the structured and scheduled routines of the academic year, the summer session provides time for unstructured play where kids can laugh, take part in activities they most enjoy, and just have fun with their peers.  Kids need to be encourage to just be kids.
  8. Gaining leadership skills – Campers engage in activities that enhance their problem solving and communication skills, as well as learn how to be members of a “team.” Great camps nurture kids’ natural abilities and strengths while the adults and peers assist in developing areas in need of additional support. 
  9. Strengthening peer relations skills – A camp atmosphere is often one where there is a small close-knit community. Kids learn to cooperate with, respect, and be kind to one another.  
  10. Find success and gain confidence – Students explore, practice and discover talents and passion!
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