At Eagle Hill, we don’t talk about learning disabilities—we talk about learning.

Students can only truly be seen, understood, and flourish as individuals when we set aside categories such as dyslexic and disabled to seek in earnest the individual genius of each person. 


At Eagle Hill School, we are pioneers, ready to explore with a sense of wonder and possibility each day in the classroom.

Our flexible nine-term academic year is individualized for each student, and a course of study is developed by each student and his or her family, academic advisor, and the teachers with whom he or she is working.

Boy studying

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Dormitories are not merely places to sleep but also places to learn.

Eagle Hill School strives to provide an appropriate balance between fostering independence and providing structure, support, and guidance for each individual student. All of our dorm counselors receive training to become certified life coaches.

Girls sitting in form

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Each student comes to Eagle Hill School with a unique set of interests and talents, and EHS takes every opportunity to explore and nurture those gifts.

Eagle Hill students are afforded virtually unlimited opportunities to get involved in the life of a vibrant campus.

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With a newfound sense of self-esteem and balance, Eagle Hill School alumni/ae actively seek and confidently rise to future challenges. 

They are Pioneers!

Graduation Day

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A community that honors individual genius and values diversity.

Located in Hardwick, Massachusetts, Eagle Hill School believes that every adult who interacts with a student is a teacher. A day in the life of our students finds them surrounded by a network of more than 150 members of our faculty and staff, ensuring that all students are encouraged to become the best version of themselves.

Pioneer Perspectives

What is your favorite thing about Eagle Hill School?

Ask Harrison

Class of 2025

Ask Izzy

Class of 2025

Ask Mrs. Elkin

Dean of Students

Ask Cole

Class of 2027

Ask Mrs. Bonica

English Teacher

What are your favorite traditions at Eagle Hill School?

Ask Coach Kelly

Assistant Director of Athletics

Ask Kellie

Class of 2025

Ask Ayden

Class of 2024

Ask Ms. Chestnut

Alumni/ae Relations | Class of 2014

Ask Mrs. Bonica

English Teacher

What do you like about boarding school?

Ask Harrison

Class of 2025

Ask Cole

Class of 2027

Ask Mrs. Elkin

Dean of Students

Ask Izzy

Class of 2025

Ask Mrs. Bonica

English Teacher

Eagle Hill at a Glance

Whether you are into sports or drama, arts or student council, at Eagle Hill, you will be known, loved, and encouraged for being you!

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Graduates attend 4-year colleges


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